Monday, March 31, 2008

Tag Tag-A-Roni!!

A- Attached or Single?- Sort of attached ;) to Brad
B- Best Friend? - Bradley, and Kammy and I already tell each other "You're my best friend"
C- Cake or Pie?- I'm not a pie fan, so definitely cake!
D-Day of choice?- Fridays are pretty much the best ever...although all the days are blurring together right now
E- Essential item?- Oh makeup bag (and all that's inside hehe)! and lotion!
F- Favorite color?- I love THIS color
G- Gummy bears or worms? I would have to say the worms
H-Hometown?- Hmmm, like where I was born? If so...Minot ND, but I consider Kalispell, MT more of a hometown
I- Indulgence(s)?- mmm so many... Shopping! It doesn't matter what I am shopping for, it can be shoes, clothes, shoes or clothes for Brad or the kids (it doesn't have to be for myself!) decor for the house (I loooove interior decorating...well dreaming of all the fun things I could do if we had endless funds) I LOVE music, so a new song, or a good cd all the way through, music just makes me feel oh so good!
J- January or July? - That's easy for me, JULY! I kinda sorta well, I hate January in a way because it's before the dreaded season
K-Kids?- Kammy (3) Jameson (9months) Budha (pug-4) Guinness (Grate Dane-4)
L- Life is incomplete without?- My family, My husband and kids, My faith
M- Marriage date?- October 24th, 2003-where does time go?
N- Number of siblings?- My sister Leslie, my brother Andrew
O- Oranges or apples?- Ummm, I probably eat apples more often, but I like them both. Apples just seem to taste pretty good year round, and oranges....DON'T
P- Phobias or fears?- SPIDERS!!!! Losing anyone I love
Q- Quotes?- There are so many good ones, but I just don't have many that I can quote, so the one I have on my "myspace" is:

"Some people feel the rain....others just get wet."

Simple I know, but oh so true.
R- Reasons to smile?- (man Cathi, you had good answers, I just wanted to copy and paste the whole thing ;) My kids always make me smile, when Brad makes me feel like I did when we were dating, a feast of CRAB mmmm! A new anything...shirt, jeans, powder, picture, pillow!-what's with the P's???
S-Season? - As much as I may sometimes deny it when it's 115 degrees, I just opened our PG&E bill, I can never seem to apply enough deodorant, and I pray for a thunderstorm to pour upon me

T-Tag 5 people?- No pressure, I know these things are going around, but this one had some cute questions on it: Jenn m, Natalie, Heidi, Kris,Ashley,Megan, Catherine, is that five?! :)
U- Unknown fact?-I'm like an open book what can I say....I broke my face while cheerleading in high school (broke my orbital bone...Brad thought the broke my face part sounded better ;) Anyways, one surgery later, and some permanent nerve damage on my left cheek/nostril and you can't even tell! Bet ya didn't know that.
V- Very Favorite store?- I hate to say it because it is not the cheapest but if I once again had endless funds I could literally sleep, eat, shop, then die in.....NORDSTROM! Hey it said "very favorite" not "most practical"
W- Worst Habit?- "endangering the lives of my children on a daily basis while multi-tasking behind the wheel of the car" says Bradley! It's true, I know it's bad, I'm getting better though, I can remember driving a stick shift in high school while talking on the phone, applying makeup and steering with my knee......I know, I know, I'm going to get crap for this one. I'm just being honest...But I am better, now I just occasionally apply some powder or gloss, or am on the phone (not at the same time)
X- X-ray or ultrasound?- random question, ultrasound I guess?
Y-Your favorite food?- I have lots of faves, Crab is probably at the top though (refer to "R" it makes me smile :)
Z- Zodiac?- Cancer baby!!!

Now You all know a few fun facts about ME!

Thanks for tagging me Cathi, that was fun!
(I sure hope Katie E. meant me haha! If not thanks for the idea ;)

OuR eAsTeR in a ....nut...eggshell?

I know, this is a little late, but it will be fun!
Just Look
I will let the pictures do most of the talking ok?!
Here we are on Easter
But, our Easter festivities started at the mommy and me Egg Hunt the thursday just before
Look at them all checking out their goods! So Cute! Then, on Saturday morning (bright and early) we went with Ashlie, her boys, and Grandma
to their neck of the woods for the Folsom Egg Hunt! Thanks Ashlie, fun times were had!

Kammy and Blake sportin' their baskets

Tory and her girls met us there and all the kiddos had their faces painted!

Jameson looking all tough and so adorable

Check out dem teefs!

And here is what our Easter Morning looked like

We had an Egg Hunt at our house with some friends and family

We went to Chris and Dianes for more eggs to hunt

and more family!

And that was our Action packed weekend!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to you...

Easter Sunday just happens to fall on Brads birthday this year so I wanted to post something today since I know I will not be able to do this on his actual birthday. I saw this on Nikki's page (thanks Nikki for the idea) She turned 26 and in honor of those 26 years of life she wrote that number of things that she was thankful for. So, Brad is also turning 26, and I wanted to write 26 things that I'm thankful for and that I love about him!

Brad-I feel like things have been so crazy in our home/lives lately and I just wanted to forget all of that for a moment and remember the things that make you YOU and that make me love you!

  1. Smile-we'll start with the obvious, you have a beautiful smile and I love it!

  2. I love your eyes

  3. Sense of humor-I am sooo grateful for this...laughter IS the best medicine!

  4. I love that you are "my babies' daddy!"

  5. I love that I can look at our kids and see you!

  6. I love watching you play and talk with our babies.

  7. I'm thankful for you introducing the gospel into my life!

  8. I am thankful for your sensitivity

  9. I love to wear your t-shirts to bed

  10. I love that we share the same views on how we want to "raise" our kids

  11. You accept me with allllllll of my flaws ;)

  12. You watch any movie with me...chick flick, musical, drama...and you enjoy it too!

  13. I love that you sneak things into the grocery cart! not to be discovered until we're home and I'm unpacking!

  14. We seem to like and dislike the same foods (other than steak...yuuuk!)

  15. You ARE the kindest person I know!

  16. I love that you are a "perfect gentlemen" - open doors, hold my hand, send me flowers...

  17. I love that you are considerate of my feelings, and of others and their feelings as well.

  18. I am grateful for all your hard work...the time, effort, and hours you put in so that we can be comfortable

  19. I love your hugs at night when we let the dogs out...sooo snuggly and warm!

  20. I hate that I LOVE how no matter how hard we try to go to bed "on time" we never can...because those are the moments we can't get enough of each other and what we have to say...

  21. I am grateful for your ability to listen to all my questions and thoughts...and your advice and perspectives

  22. I love that you get along with my family...we are not perfect, and you do not judge us, you genuinely love us!

  23. I love that you get along with your family...they are not perfect either and again, you love them all!

  24. I love the click that you make with your mouth

  25. I love that we know every little thing about each other...our annoying yet cute habits...

  26. I love "the smile" you know the one...

Happy Birthday Bradley!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We No Longer Feel Like This:

(Long dramatic exhale)...that's my sigh of relief because yes, some finally came! Last week was definitely crazy, and it got a little worse before it got better. Kammy and I both got pink eye! Other then the expense of throwing a couple pairs of contacts away, the $62 prescription, and replacing all my eye make-up (ughhh...not a sigh of relief) I wasn't throwing up! I don't know how I didn't get that flu bug, but I thank my lucky stars and I'll gladly...OK maybe not gladly...but I'll take the pink eye.

So now we are back to normal!!!!
(Is that possible?)

Kammy is once again sick of posing for my endless picture taking...

I gave her an adorable new hair cut!

And she now makes her own bed in the morning!
How cute is that?!

Jameson is now 9 months!
He is as crazy as ever!
OH...he is drinking from one of these now!

He is climbing up those...

And he is of course cruizin' along anything he can pull himself up onto!

He walks along EVERYTHING!

So there you have it! There is a calm after the storm!

Thanks everyone for all the get well soon wishes! Can't wait to get out and see you all...maybe go to church ;)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

it can only get better...RIGHT???!!!

Well, this past week has been so CRAZY!!! We all know that tis the season...coughing, sneezing, runny nose, body chills, aches, pains, fever, headache, blah blah blah blah!!!

(I just described my husband over the weekend)
Then two nights ago, Jameson gets a fever...
I am already suffering through tax season, it's like everything was going smooth, then bam! So, Jameson is actually being a great sick baby-I almost like all the snuggling, and just laying there in my arms, I am so terrible to say that!-Anyways, back to the bam! Brad gets this flu bug and trys to continue to work insane hours due to the business he's in, and when he is home, he is not really...passed out on the couch..poor guy! He is doing much better now though. So now Jameson is sick.
Yesterday, around 3:30, I think to myself I WILL SHOWER TODAY! I put my sweet snuggly sick baby down and he decides he is no longer "Mr. Nice Guy" he freaks out, screams, drags his limp body across the cold tile and over to the shower. UGGGGG, fine, I pull him in the shower with me. I get out, get comfy, get him comfy...."OUCH" Kammy rounds the corner...
"Mommy, my ear hurts!"
Oh lovely! So, I call Diane (Brads mom) she meets me at a MedCare. (because the urgent care I went to, apparently closed in January...why didn't they notify me of this...geez) So we get there, and sure enough, she has an ear infection. Ok, go to walgreens to fill the prescription, we are in the drive through. I hear Kammy make some weird burp noise, I look back, she looked a little uncomfortable, I ask if she's ok, she is, ok "sorry" I say to the guy who was in the middle of explaining the doses to me. Then I hear it...the splashes, the chunks (taco salad dinner) I'll leave it at that. Kammy puked all over her seat, herself, and the floor! Oh fabulous! I'm officially legally insane!
I pull over, clean the chunks off of her and give her bag. We make it home..wwwwhhheeewwwww! I then realize that the guy at walgreens gave me one out of two of the prescriptions I needed, by this point I thought of few choice my mind...not out loud, geez people, who do you think I am!!
Luckily my mom and Karen came to the rescue and picked up the other
medicine, and came over to help with getting the kids to bed.
And Brad, I love you honey! cleaned the car!
SO-I had planned on making a really cute post, and little update on our family, because there really were a lot of good things to last week, other than's amazying what can take place in one week...or day! Isn't it??!! So, I will be getting to that post on a later date. HOW WAS YOUR WEEK??

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

So I was tagged by Jenn and Natalie, and they were basically the same thing, so here goes:

What is your husbands full name? Bradley James Elmer

How long have you been married? 4 years 5 months, been together over 7 years!

Who eats more sweets? I totally do! And I chew all my candy, Brad can suck on a starburst for days it seems!

Who said I love you first? Brad did, awwwww!

How old is he? 25, 26 this month

Who is taller? He is thank gosh, I love my heels and wedges!

Who is smarter? Well me of course...nah, he's very intelligent, afterall, he married me!

Who can sing better? Well neither of us can sing good, but we're not american idol rejects either. And he doesn't sing very often (when he does Jameson cries haha.) Whenever we take a road trip I seranade him with mariah carey and jessica simpson though...poor guy :)

Who does the laundry? All me

Who pays the bills? I do.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you are looking at the bed from the foot of it, I sleep on the left side. So he does

Who mows the lawn? My big strong handsome man!

Who cooks dinner? Me

Who drives? When we are together he does!

Who is more stubborn?This was a toughy, I asked Brad his opinion and he said "YOU!" so I guess I am haha, but Brad is extremely stubborn also!

Who kissed who first? Well, I would say we kissed each other haha, but I think he went for it first, awww round table pizza will always hold a place in our hearts lol!

Who asked who out? Brad asked me out

Who is more sensitive? I am definitely

Who has more siblings? He does, he has two sisters and two brothers

Who wears the pants? Well, I would say me, but not in the "Ugh, what I say goes" kind of way, he is just really considerate of my thoughts and opinions!

So that's us in a nut shell!

I am now tagging Megan, Heidi, Kris, Catherine...this is hard because I don't know who has already done this, so how about if you are reading this you are TAGGED!!!!! Enjoy!

Ya gotta love big sisters!

Ok, so we have nick-names for each of the kids, and last night we were tucking Kammy in and talking about how cute it is that she too calls Jameson by his nick-names (Fuzz, J, JJ).
So Brad asked her "what is your brothers name?" and she said "Jameson" so Brad then asked "and what do you call him?" she then said "a sissy!"

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our little "Dismounter...." lol!

Ok, so I am way too excited about this, but here goes: Jameson is finally able to "dismount" as Brad says. When he is standing holding onto something, he can now get back down to the floor! He slowly reaches down and puts his hand on the floor then sits or goes into crawling position!! We are way excited because before he would just stand holding onto the ottoman (or wherever) for like an hour until he either a.-fell and hit his head or b.-screamed until I grabbed him and picked him up. I mean he's a happy camper standing there forever, but when he's done, he's done, and now he can get down all by himself! (I probably wouldn't have posted something that probably seems so silly to most, but, he seriously loved to pull himself up onto things, and then...Ttttiiiiimmmbberrrrrr...down he'd go! So now I don't have to cause people heart attacks anymore!)