Tuesday, November 13, 2007

They keep growing...and growing...and growing...

The kids are getting soooo big! Jameson is rolling all over the place, reaching for things like our faces, and loves to suck on his toes! I can't even believe that kammy is turning three next month! She is the best big sister, she is so involved with everything we do with Jameson. She gave him his first sip cup last night, and felt like such a big helper. Jameson wasn't too sure about it, but he liked chewing on it!


We recently went on vacation to Disneyland and had a blast! Kammy had so much fun, and it was a whole new experience to go and see things through her eyes! She loved the rides, and it was like spotting a celebrity when we saw Mickey or Pluto or any of the characters..."hurry, I have to take a picture with them..." Boy did we get our work out! We can't wait to go back again, soon!!