Thursday, January 15, 2009

I guess Brad and I need to watch it with the movie quotes from now on.
Let me set the scene:
A couple weeks ago Brad was laying on the bed...face in blackberry 

Kammy was on our treadmill (we start em' young)

Jameson was watching Kammy on the treadmill (again...we start em' young...)

I was making my way to our dresser

Brad looks up at Kammy just as she notices him watching her she casually says

"watcha lookin' at boob-sweat!??"

Not to mention the other day when she called Brad "Turd Ferguson"...

And all of this came out of this sweet little mouth!

Another fave is when Brad decides to discipline Jameson.
Kammy watches and waits until Brad gets loud or upset with him and then she yells "he is only 18 years old DAD!"

(I always say, "babe, go easy on him, he's only 18 months old")   

Friday, January 2, 2009

So we have seen many of these this winter...
No folks, not ugly people....

(love you Dave)

We had some friends come over and enjoyed laughing at one another and playing games while we rang in the New Year.  I'm really thinking we should do this more often...we can even switch it up: Ugly shoe party
Ugly pants party
Ugly hat party
you get the point
Enjoy all the was fun!

Dave and Megan...couldn't keep their hands off (ahem)