Sunday, April 27, 2008

We're Back!!!

......and hotter than ever!!! has been hot!
Ok, I know it has been FOREVER since my last post!!
But gosh...aren't we worth the wait?
Brad finished up another busy and successful tax season and we are a family again!
"What have we been doing since April 15th?" you ask.
see below
The day after tax season ended Kammy went on her very first camping trip with Grandma and Grandpa Elmer. She was gone for two nights and boy did she have a blast!
They were right on a lake
(literally right on it...good thing I didn't see the picture of the location or I would have been a nervous wreck the whole time!)

Her favorite part was "throwing rocks into the river/lake"

Night #2 we happily/quickly packed up Jameson and some of his belongings and shipped him off to his Aunt Candice and Uncle Jacks house! (Thanks guys!)
This was his first sleepover!
He did good other then waking up a few times in his strange surroundings.
Brad and I spruced up and went to dinner!
LOOK how excited we were...ADULT conversation
the only interruptions came from our fantastic waitress!...GASP!!

It was a nice two night break, but lets face it...we felt incomplete and actually looked forward to our kiddos safe return!

Something about non-stop jibber jabber, laughs, screams, boogers, zero privacy, constant cleaning, diapers, hugs and kisses was calling our name...
Weird I know, I guess we're just suckers!

But don't get me wrong...we love a break!

Speaking of SUCKERS check out J and his very first one!

AND...Kammy with her third in one sitting!!

So since then we have been busy with errands, shopping, playing, picture taking

and EATING lots of yummy stuff like fudgsicles in 90 degree weather!

And Swimming in our pool!
Jameson doing his Sexy Man Pose again...we can't get him to stop...

It has been wild, hot, crazy, and tons of fun!!!

Looking forward to see what this week has in store for us!

Yes, I have tons more pics so we'll see if I get motivated enough to do another post.... You must check back to see!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Two Months Shy Of A Year!!!

Jameson is getting waayyy too big!
I swear, it's the formula!!!
Haha! Jk! (but seriously! ;)

NO, but he is growing up way too fast!

He is clapping now! He lets one hand do all the work!
Kammy loves to help him learn new things!

He also is sooooo cute to see.

He wears a size 18 months!!! In most clothes!

And for the little ladies....

He gives one heck of a massage!!!

(That's just what we hear)

And of course we find him irresistible!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Starting tomorrow, there is only 2 more weeks until I have my sanity back! I am soooo excited I cannot handle it anymore!
I woke up this morning "Babe, do you know what day it is?!"
Brad: April Fools
(I pause, oh yeah, it is isn't it)
Tax season ends this month!!!
That's all...