Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All Work....AND play?!

Wow....this feels soooo good to blog again!

I won't apologize for the lack of it either....
because I have been so busy having fun with my kiddos as they start school! Just getting two kids off to school everyday is a job in itself...
My mornings lately start waaaaaay too early to mention with a good run or workout.
Get home, wake up Kammy
Bathe Kammy
Dress her, feed her, clear out back pack (woops...shoulda done the night before)
do the homework intended for night before, fix the curls...thank you Dad and Grandma Diane (I have NO CLUE what I'm doing with them)

Grab shoes, grab keys, sunglasses so I don't frighten other parents
Grab Kammy and of course Jameson comes along for the ride!

Once I drop her off, I repeat the above with Jameson.

Speaking of which, the entire purpose of this post is to show off some pictures from his very first day of any school... preschool!!!


This is him acting like a monkey???

....stretching maybe???





J with his teacher Mrs. Wright

After his first day of school....munching on a yummy cookie he brought home :)


You can see Beckett cramming down the teeny tiny piece that was shared with him

And of course a few with big sister Kammy....who also got a piece.
We taught him well ;)




I know...I last pic....apparently very painful for some (Jameson).
Hopefully not for you.

Lets hope I can do this weekly.....fingers crossed!!