Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Birthday!

(for those who are the sentimental type...feel free to check out just a couple images...a snippet of our lives)

Happy Birthday Bradley!
You know I love you, thanks for giving me three of the most beautiful babies, and thanks for being the most funny, adorable, loving man that I plan to grow old with :)

Kate xoxo

(please excuse my ghetto video making skills)


Anonymous said...

That was a cute video! Hope he has a wonderful Birthday today!!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday Brad! I hope it is the best day ever! :)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the slide show! The pics where Kammy was a baby brought tears to my eyes! Time is going by just way to fast! Love you guys!!!

SMiTH.FAMiLY said...

Happy Birthday! I don't know you but You seem like a great hubby to Katie and a wonderful Dad! Congrats!

{Marie Long} said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAD!!!! I hope it's great.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brad
Hope you aren't too scared by having your birthday in your busiest time of the year

THE HAGES said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAD! Hope its a good one! We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday bro! Doesn't it suck that you have gray hair and your older brother doesn't...:)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brad! You will enjoy 28...I've been doing this age for three long months now, and it's ok!


Aspen said...

Loved the slide show!! HAPPY BDAY BRAD!!

Anonymous said...

Cute video--Katie did a good job. Sorry we couldn't last to tell you in person-HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADLEY DEAR. HAPPY DAYS WILL COME TO YOU ALL YEAR. IF I HAD ONE WISH THEN IT WOULD BE, A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU FROM ME. Yes, that is the primary side coming out :) I hope you had a great dinner and as good of a birthday that you could. I love you.


Heather and her three babies said...

Happy Birthday Brad! Hope you had a wonderful day! Love the video Katie!

Megs said...

Happy Birthday, Brad! I'm sure that your awesome wife made it a special day for you!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!BRADLEY JAMES!!! You have been so blessed!! What a beautiful family (great video Katie!)I can hardly believe you are 28....that makes me.....well, never mind! I can still picture you in your yellow horizontal striped shirt and your vertical striped long shorts wearing socks with a couple of yellow stripes at the top and your favorite shoes...black and white checkered slip on tennis shoes...with your buzz haircut of course! Just keeping it simple and easy. What a cute kid you were!!and such a handsome young man now. I am proud to call you my son. You give the best hugs...you are a good guy with such a tender heart.... thanks for being you!! I love you....MOM :)

Laura Fragoso said...

Love the pictures!!! Happy Birthday Brad!!! Te Amo:) Remember that? Te Amo to you too Katie:)

..Kris Naven.. said...

Bradley James! Happy Birthday! I've said it many times, but March babies are the best! ;) I hope you had a wonderful day! Happy Birthday!

P.S. I am the sentimental type, and that slide show was SO cute! Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Brad!
Sorry we're a little late! Just want you to know we love you so much and hope you had a great day! Thanks for always being the best big brother. We're so grateful you're in our lives! Happy Birthday!
Trisha & Fred
P.S. Hopefully you saved at least one Guarana to enjoy but if not, I'm sure they were great while they lasted!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to me. I appreciate all of the gifts that were shipped to the house. That was very generous of you guys!

Dave...thanks for leaving such an inspiring and loving comment here for everyone to see just how good of friends we really are ;) It really means a lot!

But seriously folks...Thanks for everybody's comments and wishes.

Katie, that slide show was awesome. Thanks for taking the time to do that for me. Out of all the wives I have had, you are by far my favorite. I love you so much.

Alice- Holy crap you are old! That would suck to be you right now.

Laura Smith- You hit the nail on the head...I am the best husband a girl could ask for...and father for that matter. Did I mention how humble I am too? I feel that is my best quality.

Ryan- You are wrong. I am not grey...I am balding rapidly, but not grey.

Tory- Thanks for hanging around the office even though it didn't work out. It's the thought that counts.

Mom- You almost made Katie cry with your comment. Good job.

I feel like I am forgetting some people...(does this sound familiar Trisha?)

Thanks to you ALL...Happy birthday to me!