Monday, February 25, 2008

New Floors!!!!


AND AFTER.........

We finally got our new wood floors installed! What a long process that was! Ugh!! We've been trying to get this all figured out for months and months. (Our previous floors had a defect, so they were to be replaced, only that batch had the same defect! So we were upgraded to wood for free!) We love it!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Lovin' This wEaThEr!!!!

We went to the park yesterday and had soooo much fun! The weather was awesome! If only the next few months could be this way, tax season wouldn't be so bad afterall!!! Anyways, we really got some cute pics of the kids too! Kammy took Jameson down the slide for his first time, he seemed to like it! (Oh and by the way, in some of the pics he is totally scrunching his face (nose mainly) this is his signature pose! He ALWAYS does this!

Cousin Playdate!

Taylor, Alexys, Kammy, and Katherine
Handsome Man!
We thought he was crying to be a pain in the butt like usual,
come to find out, the kids grocery cart had tipped onto him! Poor Guy!
These are the moments that I love!
What cutie pies!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Eight Month Update!

Jameson is now officially eight months! He is growing sooo fast! The last month has been a blur, and we can't even believe it's February and tax season already :( Well here goes, the additons to Jamesons mad skills haha:

  • He has five teeth now! (the sixth is starting to come out!)

  • He can sit on the floor and pull himself up to standing position all by himself!

  • He walks along things such as our ottoman and couch (holding on of course)

  • Cries when Brad sings...seriously!! It is so cute, when we figure out how to put videos on here we will post a video of that!!
Who Me??

He is so handsome and such a little honey. His big sister Kammy loves him so much! He really does act like such a boy too, it is so cute. He eats non-stop, huge quantities, and he gets into all of Kammys toys haha! We love him anyways!

"Does this diaper make my butt look big?"