Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just a little something

ahhh, where does the time go?
Time sure doesn't stop and lately we haven't either =)

The kids are getting big!

Jameson just turned 3!!
He starts preschool this fall, he is SOOO excited. He loves to cry at least 5-6 times a day...oooh and he LOVES a good old fashioned sprawl on our floor immediately following ;) But seriously, he's hilarious...that boy makes the funniest faces and comments.

Kammy starts Kindergarten and asks quite often how many more days until then. Once you tell her that, she insists upon a breakdown of just how long that see where this goes. She is STILL a great help around here, some days she takes over completely haha!

Beckett is 100% Daddy's boy, he tolerates me when he's not around ;)
He loves his fruit snacks and attempts to say all kinds of stuff lately...JJ, hello, nana, mama, dada (of course his fave)
He loves yo gabba gabba, dancing, climbing on Guinness, and opening every single drawer/cupboard and pulling any and all things breakable out of them.

I shot (covered sounds a little better ;) a wedding downtown this passed weekend. We all went to scope the grounds and I snapped some pictures of the kids. I love this door!

J of course felt that a trip downtown cannot go without one of his meltdowns


Turned out he just needed to use the restroom :)Hence the pic below

And this is what Brad experiences just about every moment he is home


thanks for checking in on my poor neglected blog :)