Sunday, November 8, 2009

Two posts in one week! (does that last one count?)

Disneyland...I Love You.

I love your ability to make me smile
laugh even...
I love the way you smell,
Oh, and the songs you sing to me.
I love the way you light up.
I love the way I feel when I am in your presence.

Yes, you are THAT good.

Most of you know, we went to the happiest place on earth!
I am feeling "un-funny" (pretty sure that's not a word)
and tired, and so....I'm not sure what my commentary will consist of for this post...we'll see

We got to our hotel, unpacked, and got the kiddos dressed up for the California Adventure trick-or-treat that evening.
Here is Alice in Wonderland, Mickey Mouse, and Spiderman

Love how they all looked...too cute!

Beckett refused to wear the hat longer than it took to take the first pic

Outside our hotel, on our way....


Love them.

Kammy had to take a pic of us :)
We're not in focus...which completely represents the way kids see us anyway :)

Love this shot, but look closely, see where I put the green arrow...
that's where the water once was. weird huh? they are re-doing all kinds of stuff in Cal Advent.



Kammy started her obsession with the peace sign for pics lately...NO idea where that came from!

BUT, I love it, how cute is that? haha!

After a looong super fun first night.
Wearing matching jammies.
Basically, after this pic, some stuff really hit the fan!
I'm pretty sure you all know Jameson woke up at 3a.m. unable to breathe.
Long story really short...
Brad took him to the ER.
he had H1N1 (they don't test for it specifically anymore, but that is what they diagnosed him with)
It was scary, but, after a steroid shot to butt, and a breathing treatment he was Much Much Much better!

Of course that put a kink in our DL trip...but, we made the best of it!

This was during my turn with Kammy and Beckett at the park
(we had shifts, Brad with J at hotel, then me with him)

Cutest sleeper ever!

We actually had a lot of fun! I hope we didn't spread the H1N1 to too many people on that first night ha ha!
I shouldn't laugh...sorry :) hahahahahaha
I didn't get a lot of pics after the first night, not sure why....Pushing a stroller, parking the stroller, holding kammy's hand with Beckett on my hip...hand sanitizer...pump for me, pump for kammy, pump for Beckett, on ride we go. Off ride, sanitize all three again...check! Find stroller... pull out camera (yeah right)

I hope to get some pics up of Halloween before Christmas.

Thursday, November 5, 2009